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Directeur de Recherche, CNRS | Lab | [+]
Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes (MSC)
UMR7057 Université Paris Diderot & CNRS
10 rue Alice Domon et Léonie Duquet, 75013, Paris
tel: +33 (0) | fax: +33 (0)
Director Master AIRE
Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire
33 Avenue du Maine, Tour Montparnasse Paris.

Current academic activities

  • 2014→
    Co-director and founder of the AIRE master program (Approches Interdisciplinaires de la Recherche et de l’Enseignement
  • 2012 →
    Associate member of the Contraintes team (INRIA, led by Francois Fages)
  • 2015 →
    CNRS DR2. Researcher in Soft Matter, Biophysics and Systems Biology. Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes (MSC), CNRS/University Paris Diderot, Paris, France.

Past Academic Activities

  • 2013-16
    Director of the "OpenLab" promoting science and experimental research to all citizens with a focus on 3D prototyping, crowd sourcing of science, citizen science and education.
  • 2012-16
    Board Member of the strategic and operational committee of the "Institut Innovant de Formation par la Recherche" led by F. Taddéi in Paris which aims at promoting learning through research, the use of novel technology, social network and online tools in education.
  • 2011-15
    CNRS CR1, HDR obtained in 2014. Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes (MSC), CNRS & Université Paris Diderot, Paris, France.
  • 2010-14
    Visiting Associate Professor at the Mechano-Biology Institute of the National University of Singapore. Sabbatical year, followed by several months visits a year. In the framework of a joint lab with MBI and CNRS.
  • 2009-14
    Co-director, teacher and founder of the AIV Master Program.
  • 2007-09
    Teacher in the AIV (Interdisciplinary Approach to Life Sciences) track of the Master Models and Systems in Biology, MSB (Paris Diderot/ENS).
  • 2007-2009
    CNRS CR2. Team of Jean-Marc Di Meglio, Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes (MSC), CNRS & Université Paris Diderot, Paris, France.
  • 2005-2007
    Postdoctoral researcher. Signal processing by the HOG pathway in yeast. Team of S. Ramanathan (CSB) Bauer Center for Genomic Research, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA.
  • 9-12/2004
    Visiting Scientist. Symmetry breaking of the free surface of fluids in rotation (with T.Bohr). Danish Technical University and Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 2001-2004
    PhD: Morphogenesis and dynamics of barchan dunes. Advisor: S. Douady (CNRS). LPS, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, France (awarded with highest honors).
  • 1997-2001
    M. Sc. Statistical Physics and Non-Linear Phenomena at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. Teaching degree in Physics «Agrégation de Physique» (ranked 36).

Grants as Principal Investigator & Awards

  • 2014-2017
    INCA, (500k€, Nodalisation). Co-PI.
  • 2014-2016
    Labex: WhoIAm?, (2 years Postdoc funding for two different collaborative projects with A. Lindner and C. Dargemont respectively.
  • 2014-2017
    Labex: WhoIAm?, (3 years PhD funding)
  • 2013-2015
    Interdisciplinary program of Sorbonnes Paris Cité (170 k€, multicellularity).
  • 2013-2014
    Program C'Nano IdF (40k€, multicellularity and decision making).
  • 2012-2015
    Labex WhoIAm? (3 years Phd funding).
  • 2011-2016
    Program ANR “Avenir Bio-informatique” (450 k€ over 5 years). Co-PI.
  • 2011-2014
    MBI, NUS singapore, seed budget (100 k€/year).
  • 2011-2012
    Interdisciplinary program of the CNRS (30 k€).
  • 2009-2010
    Program C’Nano IdF (100 k€ with support for a postdoctoral researcher for a year).
  • 2009-2010
    CNRS support for a postdoctoral researcher.
  • 2009-2012
    French Ministry of Research (3 years PhD funding).
  • 2008-2010
    Program EGIDE Alliance (collaboration with A. Kabla, Cambridge University).
  • 2007-2011
    Program ANR Young Researcher, DiSiP (200 k€ over 4 years). Project on signaling cascade dynamics in yeast.
  • 2004
    D.Guinier Young Researcher Award (accessit) of the French Physical Society.

Participations to other projects

  • 2014-2019
    Interdisciplinary program on Aging (Sorbonnes Paris Cité), led by JM Di Meglio.
  • 2012-2020
    IDEFI grant (Initiatives d’Excellence pour l’Education et les Formations Innovantes) to launch the Institute for Innovation and Learning through Research (IIFR); coordinated by F. Taddei.
  • 2011-2012
    Support from the ISC-Paris (Biophysics, coordinated by JM Di Meglio)
  • 2011-2014
    ANR France-Singapour (Mecanobiology, coordinated by C. LeVisage)
  • 2010-2013
    ANR Mecanocad (Mechano-biology, coordinated by B. Ladoux)
  • 2010-2011
    University Paris Diderot, Interdisciplinary projects (Microfluidics for biology, Coordinated by R. Vieita.)
  • 2009-2010
    University Paris Diderot BQR (C.elegans locomotion, coordinated by JM Di Meglio)
  • 2007-2009
    ANR Locomelegans (C. elegans locomotion, coordinated by JM Di Meglio)

Publications (*corresponding author)

  • A29
    C.Vulin, J-M Di Meglio, A. Lindner, A. Daerr, A. Murray and P. Hersen*, Growing yeast into cylindrical colonies, Biophysical Journal, 106, 2214–21 (2014). (Cover of the BJ issue).
  • A28
    X. Manière, A. Krisko, F.X. Pellay, J.-M. Di Meglio, P.Hersen, I.Matic, High transcript levels of heat-shock genes are associated with shorter lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans, Experimental Gerontology, 60, 12–17 (2014).
  • A27
    M. Génois, S. Courrech du Pont, P. Hersen and G. Grégoire, An agent-based model of dune interactions produces the emergence of patterns in deserts, Geophys. Res. Lett., 40, 3909–14, (2013).
  • A26
    M. Génois, P. Hersen, S. Courrech du Pont and G. Grégoire, Spatial structuring and size selection as collective behaviours in an agent-based model for barchan fields, Eur. Phys. J. B, 86, 447 (2013).
  • A25
    A. Miermont, F. Waharte, S. Hu, S. Bottani, M. McClean, S. Léon and P. Hersen*, Severe Osmotic shock triggers a non-linear slowdown of signaling events due to increased molecular crowding. PNAS, 110 (14), 5725-30 (2013)
  • A24
    J. Ulhendorf, A. Miermont, T. Delaveau, G. Charvin, F. Fages, S. Bottani, G. Batt*, P. Hersen*, Computer based feedback loop for the real-time control of gene expression at the population and single-cell levels, PNAS, 109 (35), 14271-6, (2012).
  • A23
    SRK. Vedula, M.C. Leong, T.L. Lai, P. Hersen, A.J. Kabla, B. Ladoux, C.T. Lim, Emerging modes of collective cell migration induced by geometrical constraints, PNAS, 109 (32), 12974-9, (2012).
  • A22
    L. Trichet, J. Le Digabel, R.J. Hawkins, SRK. Vedula, C. Ribrault, P. Hersen, R. Voituriez, B. Ladoux, Cellular adaptation to substrate stiffness: evidence of a large scale mechanosensing mechanism, PNAS, 109 (18), 6933-8. (2012).
  • A21
    E. Anon, X. Serra-Picamal, P. Hersen, Nils C. Gauthier, M.P. Sheetz, X. Trepat and B. Ladoux, Cell crawling mediates collective cell migration to close undamaged epithelial gaps, PNAS, 109 (27), 10891-6, (2012).
  • A20
    F. Lebois, P. Sauvage, C. Py, O. Cardoso, B. Ladoux, P. Hersen and J-M. Di Meglio, The C. elegans gait is continuously variable and determined by ambient mechanical stress, Biophysical Journal, 102 (12), 2791-8, (2012).
  • A19
    F. Evenou, J-M. Di Meglio, B. Ladoux, P. Hersen*, Micropatterned porous substrate for cell-based assays, Lab Chip, 12 (9), 1717-22, (2012).
  • A18
    J. Le Digabel, N. Biais, J. Fresnais, J-F. Berret, P. Hersen and B. Ladoux, Actuation of magnetic microstructured substrates, Lab Chip 11, 2630-2636, (2011).
  • A17
    R. Bergmann, L. Tophoj. T. Homan, P. Hersen, A. Andersen and T. Bohr, Polygon formation and surface flow on a rotating fluid surface, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 679, 415-431, (2011).
  • A16
    X. Manière, F. Lebois, I. Matic, B. Ladoux, J-M. Di Meglio and P. Hersen*, Running Worms: C. elegans Self-Sorting by Electrotaxis, PLoS One, 6 (2), e16637, (2011).
  • A15
    A. Miermont, J. Uhlendorf, M. McClean and P. Hersen*, The Dynamical Systems Properties of the HOG Signaling Cascade, Journal of Signal Transduction, 930940, (2011).
  • A14
    M. Ghibaudo, J-M Di Meglio, P. Hersen and B. Ladoux, Mechanics of cell spreading within 3D-micropatterned environments, Lab Chip, 11, 805-12 (2011).
  • A13
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  • A12
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  • A11
    B. Ladoux, E. Anon, M. Lambert, A. Rabodzey, P. Hersen, A. Buguin, P. Silberzan, RM Lège, Strength dependence of cadherins mediated adhesions, Biophysical Journal, 98 (4), 534–542, (2010).
  • A10
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  • A9
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  • A8
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  • A7
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  • A6
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  • A5
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  • A4
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  • A3
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  • A2
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  • A1
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  • Proceedings (with peer review & Patents)

  • P5
    L.R.M. Maruthi, I. Tkachev, A. Carta, E. Cinquemani, P. Hersen, G. Batt and A. Abate, Towards real-time control of gene expression at the single cell level: a stochastic control approach, Proceedings of the 12th conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology (2014).
  • P4
    J. Uhlendorf, P. Hersen and G. Batt*, Towards Real-Time Control of Gene Expression: in silico Analysis. Proceedings of the IFAC World congress (2011).
  • P3
    J. Uhlendorf, F. Fages, P. Hersen* and G. Batt*, Towards real-time control of gene expression: controlling the hog signaling cascade. Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing. 338-49(2011).
  • P2
    P. Hersen*, J-M. Di-Meglio and B. Ladoux, Patent #09-52741 Microporous Substrate (2009). Extension PCT (2010).
  • P1
    P. Hersen*, Flow effect on the morphology and dynamics of barchan dunes, Proceedings of the MARID International Workshop April 1-2, 2004.
  • Other publications (comments, book chapter)

  • B8
    J. Uhlendorf, A. Miermont, T. Delaveau, G. Charvin, F. Fages, S. Bottani, P. Hersen* & Gregory Batt*, In silico control of biomolecular processes, Computational Methods in Synthetic Biology, to be published (2014).
  • B7
    C. Vulin, F. Evenou, J-M. Di Meglio, P. Hersen*, Micro-patterned porous membranes for combinatorial cell-based assays, in Methods in Cell Biology-Micropatterning in Cell Biology, Edited by M. Piel and M. Téry, Elsevier, (2014).
  • B6
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  • B5
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  • B4
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  • B3
    M.N. McClean, P. Hersen, and S. Ramanathan, In vivo measurements of signaling cascade dynamics, Cell Cycle, 373-376, (2009).
  • B2
    P. Hersen*, M. McClean, S. Ramanathan Analyse dynamique de la signalisation cellulaire L’exemple de la réponse osmotique chez Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Médecines / Sciences, n° 11, vol. 24, (2008).
  • B1
    S. Douady, P. Hersen, Les dunes sont-elles vivantes? in Morphogenesis, Eds Belin, Paris (2006). English version edited by Springer (2010).


  • Present
  • Z. Ben meriem (PhD, 2014-17)
  • A. Llamosi (PhD, 2012-15)
  • JB Lugagne (PhD, 2012-15)
  • Z. Marinkovic (PhD, 2013-16)
  • V. Peschetola (Postdoc)
  • C. Fracassi (Postdoc)
  • A. Koehler (student)
  • M. Benony (student)
  • R. Panthieu (student)
  • F. Furfaro (student)
  • M. Kirch (student)
  • Alumni
  • C. Vulin (PhD, 2010-14)
  • X. Duportet (PhD, 2010-14)
  • J. Uhlendorf (PhD, 2009-13)
  • A. Miermont (PhD, 2009-13)
  • X. Manière (PhD, 2010-11)
  • F. Lebois (PhD, 2008-12)
  • E. Reffet (PhD, 2007-10)
  • M. Lounaci (PostDoc, 2009)
  • F. Evenou (PostDoc, 2009-10)
  • S. Hu (PostDoc, 2011-14)
  • V. Peschetola (ATER, 2012-14)
  • A. Gorgelin (M2, 2014)
  • M. Lehue (M2, 2014)
  • R. Seskind (M2, 2014)
  • A. Monmeyran (L3, 2014)
  • I. Uszynski (M2, 2014)
  • S. Jaramillo (M2, 2014)
  • M. Deyell (M2, 2014)
  • A. Engel (M2, 2014)
  • J. Reiders (M1, 2013)
  • A. Prastowo (M1, 2013)
  • A. Lochner (M2, 2013)
  • Y. Abidine (M2, 2012)
  • C. Yu (M2, 2011)
  • R. Layne (M2, 2009)
  • D. Gredat (M2, 2009)
  • M. Miguras (L3, 2008)

Reviewer, Expertise & Comittees

  • 2003
    PNAS, Phys. Rev. Lett., Geophys. Res. Lett., Biochemical Journal, BMC Systems Biology, NSF, Phys. Rev. E, J. Geophys. Res., JFM, Geology, PLoS ONE (>50 reviews )
  • 2009-2014
    Selection committee for the University Pierre et Marie Curie (2009, 2010, 2014)and the Ecole Polytechnique (2010).
  • 2011
    Expert for the «Groupe de travail « Pays développés d’Asie » of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research
  • 2009-13
    Expert for the OMNT (Micro and Nano Technology Observatory)
  • 2009-10
    Guest scientist of the AXA program for longevity
  • 2009
    Expert for an INSERM internal survey on systems biology

Workshop and Conferences (selection)

  • S8
    Control of gene expression at the single cell level, Invited speaker, “Impromptu” workshop on single cell and systems biology, Lausanne University, Switzerland (2012).
  • S7
    Real time control of gene expression in yeast, Invited speaker. International workshop on Control and Synthetic Biology, ENS, Paris (2012).
  • S6
    Applications of Micro-Printed membranes for Biology. Invited speaker. Biology & Physics department annual meeting, University Paris Diderot, Paris, (2011).
  • S5
    Information processing by single yeast cells, SMART BioSyM-MBI Joint Workshop, Invited speaker, Singapore, (2011).
  • S4
    Using microfluidics to study the HOG MAP kinase cascade in yeast. Invited speaker. International Workshop Microfluidics for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Paris, (2009).
  • S3
    Dynamics of the HOG cascade in yeast. Invited speaker. Biology & Physics department annual meeting, University Paris Diderot, Paris, (2009).
  • S2
    Signal Processing by the HOG MAP Kinase Pathway. Invited speaker, International Workshop: Constructing Gene Network, Paris (2009).
  • S1
    Dynamics of the Osmotic Response of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Invited speaker, Inaugural workshop for the Chaire France telecom for interdisciplinary studies of the University Paris V (2007).

Popularization of Science (Selection).

  • Articles
  • Médecines /Sciences (2008)
  • Pour La Science, (2006).
  • Le vent, sculpteur du désert, La Croix, (2002).
  • Poster exhibition (2008).
  • In the News
  • CNRS press release 20 may 2008
  • CNRS 26 May 2010
  • CNRS 04 September 2012
  • Journal du CNRS 2006
  • Journal du CNRS November 2012
  • Sciences & Avenir (26/05/2008)
  • La Recherche (361,368)
  • Pour La Science (308,342)
  • Le Monde (28/09/02)
  • Le Point (September 2002)
  • The New York Times (2006)
  • Today Science (2010)
  • L’Humanité (17 October 2012
  • Conferences
  • Théatre de la gaïté Lyrique (2012).
  • Conférence Expérimentale "L'avancée des nématodes" à l'ESPCI (2010).