Time to say Goodbye

We had so much fun helping tens of research and startup projects, that we almost forgot that we had real jobs and families on the side :-) After three years of activity, and great sucesses such as Glowee, Haiku, CityTaps, Scortex to name but a few, it's time for us to move on and join, novel exciting challenges. We wanted to say good bye and to thank you, L'OpenLab community. It was your challenge and achievement to demonstrate that researchers, students, designers, startupers can meet in a makerspace and transform ideas into concrete and innovative arts and science startups. Best of luck for your future ideas. See you in one of the many great places of Paris that help students and young startups to grow.

L'OpenLab Team

To know more about what we did, look at our former website and last challenge anouncment.